Bucket list item: Accomplished! My book is in my hand!

Ok, I have a bucket list.  If you don’t know what a bucket list is, it is a list of things that you want to do before you kick the bucket.  I don’t have very many items on my bucket list.  At the top has been “have a clean house” for about as long as I have known what a bucket list is.  Other items include “Get a book published”, “Visit the highlands of Scotland”, “get a couple more cds out” and “Become a better artist”.  I have a couple more which I doubt will ever happen.

Well, today I hold proof that one of the items on my bucket list can be crossed out.  My author’s copies arrived today.  A book.  With my name as the sole author.  A real book, that I wrote.  And it is not a vanity publishing.  I did not pay a cent to have this book published.  My author’s copies are an advance on royalties.  And hopefully, between me, the publisher, and Amazon, enough copies will sell so that I can earn a little bit in royalties.  Honestly?  I would love it if a million copies sold.  If this went viral.  I would love to know that my struggles with hoarding could help someone else.  I am a hoarder.  The cover of my book is my living room 5 years ago – and it doesn’t look much better today, at least, not right at this moment.  So often I feel like a failure.  But…

I have a book published.  I have the proof, right here at the side of my computer.  I can cross off something from my bucket list.

And more than that…when my book was accepted for publication, I had to read it to make the edits.  Then I had to read it again.  I read the galley.  And in the process of reading and rereading my book.  I started thinking about my bucket list – which I talk about a little bit in one of the chapters.

And I started to paint more.  I am not an artist.  But I am beginning to teach myself how to translate the image from my mind to canvas.  I have a painting in my mind, and it is my dearest hope that someday, I will be able to paint it.

I’ve crossed one item off my bucket list.  I’m beginning to work on another.  Who knows – maybe I will be able to go to Scotland someday.  And, someday, I plan on crossing off the one about having a clean house.

I am not a failure.  I am able to succeed.  And so can you.

If you are interested, my book, Meditations of a Hoarder, is available at Yard Dog Press, and may be purchased as a paperback or an ebook.   http://www.yarddogpress.com/books/MeditationsofaHoarder.html


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